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U.S.I.S. (United States Investigative Service) Is a  Entity that provides  information and service solutions to both government and corporate customers if needed, in the United States and Abroad. U.S.I.S. offers a variety of Adjudication Support, including Fugitive Tracking and Investigation, Electronic Monitoring, Background Checks, Investigative Analytics, Criminal and Civil Investigation, Dignitary Protection and Biometric Services, as well as customized solutions that can help Government Or Allies abroad manage litigation support requirements from Tactical And Military Support to Direct Tactical Intervention, as well as records management and automated information management services. PLEASE NOTE: Almost All our Rangers And Investigative Agents perform their duties Without any compensation in order to give back to the communities as well as to support and serve alongside those who have chosen Law Enforcement as their full time career with the thought being that Private citizens and departments and agencies with little or no budget does not have the budget to field a cold case or launch an investigation we take that burden away and try to get you answers and results.